We offer a large range of conveyor systems and our factory takes pride in the design, manufacture and installation of all equipment. We also supply a large range of conveyor components and spares. Our range includes the following:

Belt conveyors

A) Belt-on-slider bed
Belt on slider bed conveyors offer rigid belt support with a high level of quality finish and clean smooth sides and edges. Beds are cold formed from metal sheets. Accessories include belt ploughs, adjustable side guides, photocell brackets etc. and can be made in powder coated mild steel and stainless steel.

B) Belt-on-roller
This is best for long, straight runs where high volume is required. Spacing of rollers is determined by the load requirements.

C) Troughed belt conveyor
This can be used for a variety of products including food product, wet or dry concrete, stone and sand.

Gravity roller conveyors
Our gravity roller conveyors offer a large selection of capacities and have the following features:

    • High quality bearings, requiring less fall
    • CNC bent and punched frames for more strength and high accuracy
    • Swagged roller ends
    • Spring loaded shafts
    • Bends in single, dual or tapered rollers

Standard gravity rollers


Tangentially powered roller conveyor
The tangential roller conveyor uses a 50mm Ø or 60mm Ø roller, tangentially driven by a continuous ½” pitch chain or jump drive arrangement. This allows either positive drive or friction drive to allow for accumulation of product. This equipment can be fitted with various accessories, including:

    • Pneumatic brakes
    • Transfer units
    • Separators
    • Side guides
    • Adjustable supports

Straight line conveyor

We also offer the only variable friction roller which allows the amount of line pressure to be individually adjusted.
All conveyors are manufactured in modules for easy transport and installation and can be easily adjusted on site. The design offers high durability, low maintenance and shorter down times. All conveyors are offered in a wide range of widths, roller pitches and load ratings.

Powered roller bends
These are supplied in 30°, 45° or 90° bends. They are fitted with tapered rollers which are powered by a jump drive arrangement.

Bottle slat conveyors
This range of conveyors is sufficiently comprehensive to offer any combination of quality equipment to offer straight forward transfer or high speed bottling lines with accumulating tables. Slat belts are offered in acetyl, stainless steel, anti-static, rubber top or zero back pressure slat chain. We offer straight running, Tab or magna-flex variations. These conveyors are most common in the food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries including sushi bars.

Standard widths:

    • 82mm
    • 114mm
    • 152mm
    • 190mm
    • 254mm
    • 305mm

Overhead conveyor system
We offer a variety of overhead conveyors including manual pull and powered systems. They can be used for assembly lines, component distribution, curing or drying lines and finishing systems. We offer 25kg, 45kg, 60kg and 100kg per hook variations.